The 3rd edition of the School Lab is set to take place in Milan, at the Living Planet Symposium, encouraging school students and teachers to discover the exciting science and technology behind Earth Observation, giving them some insights also in Earth Science and Space Science, linking state-of the-art space activities to the secondary school curriculum. The event will include presentations and demonstrations by international experts in the field of Earth Science, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation education, accompanied by practical exercises and experiments using state-of-the-art technologies. Several space agencies, research institutes and universities will present different applications and examples of remote sensing techniques, used to monitor and research the Earth atmosphere, volcanoes, oceans, etc. The objective is to encourage students to think about Planet Earth as a system and making them discover the technologies used to observe, monitor and model such a complex system.

The European Space Agency will host the Air Quality experiment, in which schools around the Lombardia and Milan area are provided with DYI kits for establishing their own air monitoring sensors and conducting individual experiments. During the event, results will be published on an interactive map, showcasing how citizens can contribute to keeping an eye on different air quality parameters and what different variations can be observed within the city. Students will learn how to set up their own sensors, design experiments, take sample measurements, analyze and visualize results, while also getting more insight about air pollution and satellite missions dedicated to this topic.