LPS School lab 2022

From the 23 to 27 May, the city of Bonn will host the 4th edition of the LPS School Lab event, as part of the Living Planet Symposium 2022, the largest conference dedicated to Earth Observation and Space Sciences, organised by the European Space Agency. The School Lab has successfully taken place before in LPS Prague (2016), LPS Edinburgh (2013) and LPS Milan (2019), and the 2022 edition aims to match the previous achievements and bring together school students for discovering more on the exciting sciences and technology behind Earth Observation and Space Sciences in an interactive manner.

Remote sensing technologies and techniques for monitoring and researching the Earth and studying its atmosphere, geosphere, anthroposphere, biosphere and hydrosphere will be showcased by various space agencies, STEM education experts and universities. Primary and secondary school students are invited to dive into this fascinating world, think about Planet Earth as a system, and discover real world applications and use cases for observing, monitoring and modelling such a complex system.

The School Lab has been designed to promote critical thinking and complement and integrate the knowledge students have gained during school lessons in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, in accordance with the national primary and secondary school curriculum. Moreover, students aged 8 to 18 will have the opportunity to interact during the sessions with space sector professionals and become aware of the possible study and career paths in the Space sector.