Set your eyes on the LPS 2019 Climate Detectives Award

The Climate Detectives school project is currently getting into Phase 2 and a number of innovative applications for solving climate related problems are expected to be developed furthermore in the months to come.

Students aged between 8 and 15 years old are challenged to ‘make a difference’ in understanding and protecting Earth’s climate. For accomplishing this task, interested teams were asked to think of a general climate problem and use available Earth Observation data or take in-situ measurements for finding a solution. The aim of this challenge is for students to learn about climate on Earth as a complex and changing system and the importance of respecting our environment, develop and reinforce their STEM skills and at stimulate creativity, critical thinking and initiative to improve their understanding of climate issues.  An overall description of the project can be found here. 

In addition to the challenge, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency have created the Living Planet Symposium 2019 Climate Detectives School Award , where the best four teams that already participate in the Climate Detectives challenge will be invited to present it in front of an audience during the Living Planet Symposium 2019 in Milan. The Award is an amazing opportunity for school students to participate in one of the biggest Earth observation conferences in the world, to meet scientists and discover their work. For registering to the LPS 2019 Climate Detectives award, teams should complete the following registration procedure before the 15th of April.

More information about how to register and important dates can be found here.